You’re here because you want to experience yourself through a new lens.

And we like that.

listen, I get it.

I’m gay, so I kinda know. You’re under a lot of pressure from literally every media outlet to be exceptional, to be a workaholic and to be “beautiful but not like you know you’re beautiful.” And honestly, that kinda sucks.

So what if you took back that narrative and reclaimed what it means to be you? That magical, awesome, fierce, loving and crazy cocktail of goodness that is you?

Girl, yes.

We’re not talking about just “a photo,” no no no. We’re talking about an experience that puts you in contact with that beautiful part of you that radiates love and badass attitude.

We’re talking about the best damn time you’ll have ever spent in front of a camera.

Because a little time in front of my camera is a lot of time feeling awesome with yourself. I promise.

So let me personally invite you and a plus one to our studio for an experience like you’ve never had before…a fun time getting your picture taken.


Take 30 seconds to say s’up. Or don’t. But you’re gonna wish you had.

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